Smile – it’s scalable vector graphic (SVG) time

Bye bye bitmap, hello vector

This post needs very little introduction. It's a quick experiment to see how well the scalable vector graphic (SVG) graphic format works online. To try out SVG, I decided to be ambitious and uploaded a pretty complex piece I've just created as part of an advanced Adobe Illustrator course, Illustrator CC2017 One-on-One Advanced by the amazing Deke McClelland; one of my very favourite instructors.

I am so impressed with the quality and speed, compared to traditional bitmaps that I'm going to have to replace all the graphics on the site. It will mean revising some of my old artwork, but that's a great excuse to practice and should help the site load much faster.

If you are looking at Mr Emoji on a small screen, for instance, a phone, be sure to come back and view him on a high-resolution 4k monitor to really appreciate the quality.