1st November 2015



Create the right environment and the rest will follow

Marketing is the process by which you create the right environment for sales to happen. From the impact of your communication to the slickness of your despatch, good marketing underpins every part of your organisation. But good marketing isn’t the end goal, the end goal is revenue.

You have to earn attention

You have to work hard to earn the right to your prospects’ attention. So once you have it, you need to make it count.

People are not interested in you or your company. What they care about is themselves and their problems. Know what those problems are and address them with solutions and you will earn attention.

A good promotional campaign will engage with your prospect. A successful campaign will increase the likelihood that they grant you the right to their attention, in order to court their business.

Stay in the forefront of their minds

But they still don’t care about you or your company, yet. They are looking for answers and information, with their most precious resource being their time. Make sure you give them what they want, where and when they want it, stay in the forefront of their minds and they will buy your product.

And finally…

So when your prospect finally gives you money and they become a customer, make sure your order processing is easy, your despatch is prompt, your packaging is robust and your customer support is useful. If you manage all this, they’ll come back for more, tell all their friends and become your greatest fan.