30th October 2015

Design & Documents

Design & Documents

Is your document fit for purpose?

There are many types of document but one thing they have in common is a purpose; to impart information to an audience. We believe that this purpose is of paramount importance and that the design process is to enhance that intent.

It is therefore important to consider what information you wish to impart, who your target audience is and how you want them to react, before you consider the design of your document.

What is the purpose of your document?

Consider two types of document. First, an advert that aims to sell a luxury perfume and second, a technical manual which explains the workings of a boiler and central heating system. Clearly the two would require a different design approach.

In the first instance, manufactures of luxury consumer goods fully appreciate the considerations of fit for purpose. They are likely to spend much time and money researching their market and designing their product and ‘documentation’ to appeal to that market on an emotional level if they wish to succeed.

In the second instance it is less likely that sufficient time or effort will be spent considering the effect document design will have on their audience. We are all familiar with how bad such important documents can be!

What documents do 2 Sided design?

We design business documents. We have been involved with the design of business documents since the early 1980s and between us we have worked for numerous organisations from SMEs to public companies. We have worked with both external and internal communications, and managed corporate identities.

We are familiar with the design and production of everything from humble business stationary and forms, through to flagship publications such as annual report and financial statements for FTSE 100 PLCs.

Large publications and periodicals

We also work with clients on periodicals, books and large documents. Documents running to thousands of pages, across multiple volumes and chapters, authored by many writers with information collated from multiple sources.

These present special challenges for consistency of style and language which can only be addressed by those used to working in multiple input proofing environments and publishing within strict style guidelines. We have the credentials.

Printed magazine or electronic forms

Whether it’s intended for large run commercial print, short run and print on demand or interactive electronic data management, we have the experience to deliver.

Your message is key

Whatever the project we believe that the message is key and that design is there to enhance its clarity. From the tone of voice and the language used, to the type-style and graphics, we deliver information that people notice, understand and remember.