22nd October 2015



Communication is fundamental to the way in which you decide to talk to your audience. The pictures you draw and the words you write create an image and an emotion. Make sure they are the ones you want to communicate.

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Design & Documents

There are many types of document but one thing they have in common is a purpose; to impart information to an audience. We believe that this purpose is of paramount importance and that the design process is to enhance that intent.

It is therefore important to consider what information you wish to impart, who your target audience is and how you want them to react, before you consider the design of your document.

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Words are the star players when it comes to communication, but photography can play an important supporting role. Carefully selected photos can focus interest that draws your audience in, and strong visual imagery can help commit words to memory, cementing your message. So is it true to say a picture paints a thousand words? Well it can be, but be careful they send the right message.

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Marketing is the process by which you create the right environment for sales to happen. From the impact of your communication to the slickness of your despatch, good marketing underpins every part of your organisation.

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