3rd November 2015

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Smile – it's scalable vector graphic (SVG) time

Bye bye bitmap, hello vector This post needs very little introduction. It's a quick experiment to see how well the scalable vector graphic (SVG) graphic format works online. To try out SVG, I decided to be ambitious and uploaded a pretty complex piece I've just created as part of an advanced Adobe Illustrator course, Illustrator CC2017[…]

Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration – Where it all Began Not quite the first, but one of the first big jobs I ever did designing on computer was technical illustration. I’d learned what I was doing with lots of little ad hock jobs but my first sizable contract of 18 months was as a technical illustrator. Through a[…]

Photography – Art of Glass

Photography – Art of Glass We recently had the opportunity to photograph a small selection of glass artworks by Linda Boy. Glass is one of the most challenging subjects in photography. When it comes to trying to show the full range of colours – even those which change depending on how the light hits them[…]

Interior Photography for Interior Reflections

Interior Photography for Interior Reflections Having successfully completed a large three-property interior photography photo-shoot for Pavilion Broadway in January 2015, I was delighted to hear from my designer contact, Elspeth Rose again.  Having decided to take the plunge and set up Interior Reflections, her own London-based interior design business, she needed images of her work for[…]

Talking Heads Videos

Talking Heads Videos Client testimonial videos are a tremendous marketing asset When we say “talking heads videos”, we are taking about corporate PR video, not the excellent band! Our client, Sustainable Homes is very switched on when it comes to putting their best foot forward on-line. They run the SHIFT index which aims to help social[…]

Interior Photography – Photographing Houses

An interior design photo-shoot in the Cotswolds In January this year we were invited to produce interior photography of two houses in the picturesque Cotswolds. The job had been on the back-burner for a few months as minor finishing touches had been delayed. One of the challenges of a winter interior photography shoot is that the sun[…]

Road Safety Campaign

Road Safety Campaign for Vinci Construction 2 Sided were asked to help develop an interactive road safety campaign for Vinci Construction. Construction projects can have associated hazards for local communities, including an unavoidable increase in traffic during the contract. Mindful of the risks for young children associated with crossing the road, Vinci wanted to devise a fun[…]

A scuba event – Hydrolution

HYDROLUTION is a brand new scuba event organised by 2 Sided and hosted by Hydroactive Outdoor Pursuits. This great day out took place on Monday 26th August 2013 at the Hydroactive private Training Centre, The Old Waterworks, Clophill. Not only were we showcasing all the latest innovations in SCUBA, but HYDROLUTION squarely aimed to be[…]