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The impression we make, the message we send out, the reaction we engender is all down to our communication ability. In business you need to direct and control your communication precisely and for this you need to hone your skills.


There are many types of document but one thing they have in common is a purpose; to impart information to an audience. We believe that this purpose is of paramount importance and that the design process is to enhance that intent.


Carefully selected photos can focus interest that draws your audience in, and strong visual imagery can help commit words to memory, cementing your message. So is it true to say a picture paints a thousand words? Well it can be, but be careful they’re the right ones.


Marketing is the process by which you create the right environment for sales to happen. From the impact of your communication to the slickness of your despatch, good marketing underpins every part of your organisation.

How we do stuff

Everything we do is about engaging your audience
Cut through the noise and get your message heard

A forthright discussion of your aims and requirements and an honest appraisal of resources lay the foundations; then the imagination can start.

Either working in-house, or as an off-site resource, between us we’ll get the job done.

For individual marketing projects or on-going scheduled activity, contact us to talk about your marketing communication requirements.

Words written, documents produced, projects arranged, job done.

  • Communication

    Words, designs, images; they are all about communication

  • Design & Documents

    The message is key; good design will support the message, but never upstage it

  • Photography

    Photographs support the words & designs, and help commit the message to memory

  • Marketing

    The 'magic mix', the right balance adds that special something to make your business memorable

Who does what stuff

Two of us do most of the stuff, with help from others when we need it
Clare Southard
Clare Southard
words and stuff
Clare can distil just the key points you need to convey your message. The words you choose to tell your story need to be the right ones. Make sure they say what you want them to say.
Andrew Southard
Andrew Southard
graphics and stuff
A graphic designer and photographer with 30 years experience both client-side and agency-side. Expert with all Adobe’s graphics and publishing software and always learning the next new technique.

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